He married his girlfriend, Kim Reeder on July 11, 1976. They had a daughter, Peta, who was born on January 25, 1978.

Robert Stigwood, who at the time was the Bee Gees' manager, signed Andy to his label, RSO Records in early 1976, after he had heard some of Andy's demo tapes.

Despondent, Alderson and Stringer returned to the UK.

At the urging of his brother Barry, Gibb returned to Australia in 1974.

Barry believed that as Australia had been a good training ground for the Bee Gees it would also help his youngest brother.

Andy soon moved to Miami Beach, Florida, to begin working on songs with his brother Barry and co-producers Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson.

In late 1976 in Miami, Andy, with older brother Barry producing and recording in the famed Criteria Studios, set about making his first album, Flowing Rivers, around the same time as Eagles finishing their album Hotel California as Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh played on two songs on his first album.

He'd wander back home around lunchtime smelling of horse manure, yet he'd swear he had been at school. "Andy was always around – he was this cheeky little lad, Hugh and Barbara doted on him, so he would have a limo to go around London with his pals and twenty quid to go to the cinema. But he was just a cheeky little lad with a heart of gold.

He used to try to get me to buy him beer when he was underage – he would only have been about 11 or 12.

Sigley later informed the audience that it was from Gibb's forthcoming album, but it was never released.

In November the same year, he recorded six demos – again produced by Joye – including "Words and Music", "Westfield Mansions" and "Flowing Rivers" (which was later released).

In his childhood, his mother Barbara described Andy as "A little devil, a little monster.

I'd send him off to school, but he'd sneak off to the stable and sleep with his two horses all day.

The first release from the album, and Gibb's first single released outside Australia, was "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" which was written by Barry, who also provided backup vocals.