In addition to the landscape itself working against the duo, the local wildlife looks to prey on them as well.Of course, the biggest complication for any of the couples might end up being their own clashing egos. Two unrelated contestants--one male, one female--are deposited in a natural setting where they try to survive for 21 days. Each environment has its own set of threats--and that is one reason this show is interesting.There was also a rather strange clause that we should have talked about last time, saying that the bonus payable to the Government would be million. I believe that in 1999 the concession of block 214 was cancelled, and subsequently awarded to a consortium including EXXON MOBIL, CONOCO-PHILIPS and I think AGIP.

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It would hardly be appropriate for me as a consultant to TSKJ to be involved in litigation of a 'political' nature.

Between 19 it appeared that Chief ETETE was the owner of the whole of MALABU.

I had nothing to do with his acquisition of shares from the shareholders who had them.

I believe that by 2001, perhaps a year or two earlier, he himself claimed to be the owner of MALABU. The Judge: Let us return to the bank accounts used by Mr Etete. Did you pay any other sums into other accounts in favour of Mr Amafegha account number (D 311/15)?

Alu Mohammed was chairman of Bulkship Nigeria limited and chairman of the Nigerian Shippers' Alliance. Mr Wakili Adamu had for a while been chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.

Towards the end of 1998 there was a reorganization of the shareholders but I still think that Alu Mohammed was the majority shareholder at the end of 1998.

Apart from the PAPA account opened in the name of Buzaki Etete, which was credited with 6,542 in the first quarter of 1996, two other accounts opened in the name of Dan Etete were credited with the following payments from the TRISTAR UBP account: 2,795 between July 1996 and February 1997 (Credit Suisse account no. I thought I was paying these sums into Mr Amafegha's account, and that was confirmed when I learned later that Amafegha was listed as a shareholder of MALABU.

2300095 in the name of Omoni Amafegha (D319) 0,000 on 10 February 1998 (Banque HOFFMAN account no. As I said, and I have tried to be as clear as possible, my belief was that Mr Amafegha was not the same person as Etete, I paid the money into Amafegha's account but the account details were supplied to me by Etete. Etete stated on 24/04/2003 (Page D 260) that the MALABU company, of which he was the legal representative, had owned block 245 since 1997 or 1998, in other words since a time when he had been Petroleum Minister. MALABU had owned two parcels, block 214 and block 245, I think since their concession in mid-1998.

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Are you not personally involved in these proceedings owing to the fact that you bought 5 per cent of the shares and are in fact in possession of 40 per cent of the shares in MALABU?