Having a positive, relaxed attitude about online dating seems key to using them successfully.

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The IAC-owned website collaborated with GLAAD, a gay and trans rights group, for a new feature that lets users choose their preferred pronoun, with the aim of better serving gender non-conforming, non-binary, LGBTQ users.

The feature was designed by Ok Cupid employee Rowan Rosenthal, who uses they/them pronouns and wanted others to be able to do the same while using the app.“One of the main reasons I was drawn to working at Ok Cupid was because it was one of the few mainstream dating apps that felt more inclusive, and I felt I’d be able to express my own identity fully and openly within the workplace,” Rosenthal said in a statement about the app.

They don't necessarily set out to have a romantic relationship, a sexual encounter or even a close connection.

They don't obsessively count the number of replies, nor do they get fixated on responding to the ones they receive.

Connections are made when we discover similarities of interest or interesting differences in our backgrounds.

The free video chat is also easy on your pocketbook as well, using the equipment that you already own and with no fees to eat up your bank account.

Single people are reminded that there are many others out there looking to connect and willing to try new ways of doing so.

In theory, any user's profile can be potentially accessed, explored and "liked" by anyone signed in as a member.

Some users move on to webcams in order to see and hear each other.