The records inserted will be appended into that table (rather than replace the previous records).

This feature is especially useful if you want to create an Archive table.

Would I use this through an input mask or would it require a query?

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I think I can achieve 4NF but again, having the employee table separated is a specific requirement by the professor, not sure why.

I'm going to get reading and working, thanks for the resources.

From my classes I understand I'll need to use some subforms, but we've only learned theory and we were more or less thrown into this access project head first.

UPDATE 1: I'm working on the subform at the moment, and ISBN is a joint primary key.

Read the tutorials by Crystal they will help with form/subform creation...

You say this class is Database Design, was there a class prior that dealt with tables and queries?Do you need to use Insert, Update and Delete SQL queries?If so, in this guide, I’m going to show you how to apply those types of queries in MS Access. Insert queries can be used to insert records from one table into another table, or from a query into a table.You can assume all student_ID infomation, everything in the inventory table are pre-set up. My challenge is that I have to create a single record in 1 table, possibly multiple records in another, and then update a master table, all in 1 form.Is this do-able, or is this too ambitious for a access noob?Sales rep and student id are drop downs, and as far as I can see, it's more or less complete (the main form) The only issue with the main form is that when i click into purchase detail, it updates immediately, even though i didn't click submit, and that i can't enter things in purchase detail as it says that a record is required, which doesn't make sense to me as i'm attempting to create a record.