That June he went out with Jackie Haggart, but, as Lois told investigators, “it was just for kicks to see what he could get.” He eventually settled on Patty and that summer he gave her the onyx ring he had received from his grandmother as a confirmation gift years earlier. Patty, however, didn’t act like a girl going steady and seldom wore Michael’s ring. As Lois said “he just didn’t care if she was mad or not, or if her feelings got hurt.” Lois wasn’t the only one to notice how Michael treated Patty. Patty loved going to the dances and seldom missed one.Her neighbor and friend Terry Hutchinson recounted a story where Patty took off the ring and placed it on the radio. Michael, who claimed he couldn’t dance and didn’t especially care for the kids who went, didn’t like her going with her friends and flirting with other boys.

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Why Michael responded the way he did that morning was another.

Its now been more than a half century since Patty’s murder and for her friends and classmates—indeed, for the entire community of Greenhills—there are still more questions than answers. Michael first met Patty when they began attending middle school together.

Patty’s best friend, 14 year-old Beth Upton, said they made up and appeared “lovey-dovey,” but Patty’s cousin Candy Blaum later said that Michael was so angry over the incident that he hit her. She had had enough of Michael and by the end of the summer it was now no secret among her friends that she was interested in Tom, who had asked her to go steady with him that night in the car.

She confided in her friend and teammate Diane Fisher that she was going to break up with Michael the next time she saw him.

” He then went back to sleep on the sectional sofa in his living room.

Why the police had taken all night to find Patty was one of the first of many questions about the case.

They arrived back home around pm and Michael invited his friends over for a ping-pong tournament in the basement.

Around the time Michael was beginning his tournament Patty, Beth and several of their friends arrived at the weekly dance.

At the time, however, he was apparently busy with other girls.