It’s not clear whether he has agreed but she and her mom have had a BIG fight about it.

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While 16 sounds like a reasonable age, I believe each kid differs in his readiness for getting involved in relationships (it’s certainly been true in my home) so the right age to start dating is a really subjective thing.

Is something wrong with your teenager if he/she doesn’t want to date? Some teenagers prefer to hang out with their friends in high school rather than be in relationships.

He said he wants to spend his money doing stuff with his friends. But because I also have a teenage daughter, I would expect a boy who asks her out to pay for her — at least on the first few dates. At 13, I felt the girl he was dating was MUCH more mature than he was at the time and worried that he was in over his head.

Garret likes to eat gourmet food and that comes with a price tag. That first girlfriend turned into a series of girlfriends.

At some point, boys need to turn into men who get up the courage to ask women out on “real” dates. Am I doing my son wrong by not trying harder to encourage him to date in high school? Here are some of our previous posts on teen dating that may also be of interest: Should a Teen Sleep Over a Boyfriend’s or Girlfriend’s House?

However, another part of me thinks Garret just doesn’t have the maturity yet to date or be in a relationship and I shouldn’t force him if he isn’t ready. What is it with the lack of respect among teen boys?Garret tells me many of the girls in his school want boyfriends and talk about it ALL the time. (Some of those apps teens are the ones the adults are on such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Grinder) To be honest, I’m not sure what dating or having a girlfriend or boyfriend entails in this digital age.A big issue Garret confronted in his first experience with dating is the expectations around texting.Still, some part of me feels like I’m doing Garret wrong as the female figure in his life by making it okay not to want to charm a girl and text her back and pay to take her out.I want him to be the guy who wants to do those things. My 16-year-old son, Garret just had his first experience with dating and decided he would rather not date right now.