She then asked me if I liked the drink, else she would fix it to my satisfaction.When was the last time an American girl EVER did something like this to you?

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Women love compliments they deem as sincere and genuine. How they usually go overboard complimenting every woman by calling them “bella donna, beautiful, etc”?

Well, that stuff works very well because non-American women usually respond very warmly to compliments.

Typical American dating rituals involves going to a bar, jumping through a few hoops so that you don’t buy her drink (i.e., I’ll buy the first round, if you buy the next), getting her drunk, then taking her home.

But the expectations are different in other parts of the world.

It’s hard to describe in words how pissed off I felt when the first thing someone tells you is not a simple “Hi” or “how are you?

” but throw a test your way to see how you would react.A Latvian girl I met in Sweden commented right away how she found it strange when Swedes never opened the door for her.This is has nothing to do with somehow pedestaling the girl, but more about being a bit more considerate to the weaker sex in non-feminized countries (which includes most of the world).” as if her state of femininity was somehow threatened by my “condescending” behavior.Being of Eastern European descent, I always felt it was important for men to be chivalrous to a certain extent.And I’m perfectly OK paying more than my share if I get non-tangible benefits in return.