Disagreement, conflicts, and romance It is impossible to avoid disagreement and conflicts in a family.

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They persuade you to stop moving forward and see this life with the sorrow in your eyes.

In those moments, please replace your blame or complaints with hope and gratitude. The happening thing does not indeed make us suffer, but it is our way of thinking that makes us suffer.

If you take time to step back from your love life or business at various periods during the year, you will understand both you and your partners clearer.

You know why they have done something and what is wrong with what you have done.

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Changing your mindset and practicing gratitude does help you a lot.

In spite of what crazy thing is happening, just keep calm and face it.

Actually what you say shapes this situation and what you think in your mind shapes your current life. When your life sucks, the grey and dark colors encircle every corner of your soul.