But to make false accusations just because a premium service like Anastasia Date is too expensive to you is downright stupid. Are these stunning, model-like women really looking for a guy like you? My personal experience on Anastasia Date was overwhelmingly positive.There were hundreds, sometimes thousands of girls online at a time, they were all amazingly beautiful and they were not all looks either. I imagine an agency (or multiple ones) is used to recruit them and frankly, I’m not mad at it.You will see a lot of barely legal girls – 18 and 19 year-olds, and that is kind of a cultural thing. They seek a life partner from an early age and it is not uncommon to get married before 25.

On the flipside, there is a growing number of men who are not happy with the service.

The comments and reviews online are so mixed that it’s hard to decide for yourself Anastasia Date is a niche dating website for Ukrainian and Russian women.

The way I see it, this is another layer of anti-scam protection. This changed when I searched for girls with some of my more grown-up interests (i.e. I know most guys will be happy to date a Russian model in her early 20’s but you can also meet older (and equally stunning) women on Anastasia Date, if that’s more your cup o’ tea. Pretty young girl from a developing country, must be looking for a sugar daddy, right?

It gives me some peace of mind to know that somebody took the time to confirm the girl’s identity before allowing her on the site. That might be the case for some Russian women, but not for the ones on Anastasia Date.

You can also sign up with Facebook or Google to save yourself some time filling out the profile. You are immediately invited to browse through the thousands of profiles.

This is absolutely not how it goes with girls, though.All over the Internet you can find Anastasia Date reviews and they are always either very positive or extremely negative. Here are the claims that angry customers have raised: No doubt, all of this has happened to people dating Eastern Europeans online.I have heard downright horror stories of guys that went down to Odessa, spent a small fortune on the girl, and then never heard back from her once the trip was over.It is a culture where men are expected to provide for the family.Russian and Ukrainian men often prove unreliable for this – you could say some of them act like grown-up children, never taking a steady job, drinking and smoking themselves into an early grave.Over the years that have gained a large number of trusting customers.