A year ago today I made the decision to give Andy Stanley’s one year no-dating challenge a try.

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I wanted to post something amazing, inspiring and in-your-face obvious that I had made the right decision about not dating for year.

I wanted the post to be about me happily going on and on about how I had gotten the job and that the reason I got it was some sort of positive reinforcement and blessing from God about my decision not to date.

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So, I had been waiting to hear back on the Director-level job I interviewed for two weeks ago before I made another post to this blog.

What I failed to remember was that He does things in His own time.

Just like I resisted the calling to stop dating for about six weeks(and He patiently waited for me), I truly believe that I haven't heard about the job yet because there are lessons to be learned.

Continue reading I should probably think about this before I write it but I was never very good at self-editing and I certainly lack social restraint. Not because it’s Monday, that means nothing to me, but because I was so cozy in bed and just didn’t want to get up. Continue reading I had a late-night text message from Doc last week.

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