These files are created by the system itself to make apps and services run smoothly the next time the user launches them.

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But just when I’m about to use it after installing my usual apps, it started to reboot.

I though maybe it was just part of the reset so I continued. Troubleshooting: Since you positively mentioned that the problem started after installing apps, you have to immediately isolate if it’s the third-party or pre-installed apps that cause the issue by booting the phone in safe mode: In safe mode, all third-party apps and services will be temporarily disabled.

After the installation, the phone rebooted just like every other update but this time, it took the device several minutes to become active again.

What I mean is that it was unresponsive for several minutes after the automatic reboot that I couldn’t use it; I couldn’t even turn it off as it won’t respond.

Random reboots may have different causes and proper observation on the part of the user is the key to knowing what the problem really is and how to fix it.

That said, the troubleshooting procedures I suggested in this section are based on how our readers described their problems.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#Samsung #Galaxy Note5) is just 2 months old but it keeps restarting on its own.

It started shortly after an update, which I was really hesitant to download but installed anyway. — Jeannette”It’s just one of the emails we received from our readers who own Note 5 units that have issues booting up or keep rebooting without apparent reason.

It just started doing this one day and never stops.