Naturally I’d gained more questions than answers from this relationship.There’s no resolution, no “definitely yes” or “never again.” I left feeling more committed to my Judaism.

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Perhaps the thing that made me feel like a better Jew is having questioned everything.

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Senior dating can be challenging, whether you have previously been married or you’re still waiting to find love.

Catholic Singles was created to help Catholic seniors interested finding faith-filled companions and long-term relationships in a world where faith is undervalued by so many.

Not as opposed to Catholic or any other religion, but just how fulfilled this connection to my religion makes me feel.

Explaining my traditions to someone else reinforced to me how special I think they are.

I’d grown up around so many people who took Judaism for granted.

Lucy was just beginning to learn about it, so as we talked about our respective religions, I remembered all over again why I loved everything I was telling her about.

This was the norm for me: I was raised by two secular Jewish parents in a New Jersey suburb with a prominent Jewish population.