Hemmer, a native of Cincinnati, was sitting across from NYTV at a…According to Dave Epstein, the openly gay weatherman on WCVB-TV in Boston, David Muir is not gay, even though he pings for me.

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In recent years, the son of a mattress executive has inspired much speculation about the details of his own mattress-hopping. Any Boston DLers checked out the new weather guy on Channel 4(WBZ) in Boston yet?

Muir went to ABC from WCVB and knowing Epstein, he surely tried his best to bed Muir.

I think he even posted here a while back, until he got scared off. His name is Todd Gutner and WBZ recently acquired him from a station in Maine.

I do think a few "real" people we discuss get on DL briefly, but there are people who google and put together clues like rabid Miss Marples, and if those people aren't ready to be outed, they vanish. ), also of ABC News Ron Corning Steve Bartelstein (and the guy who took his place at Channel 7 in the mornings, Ken something or other)Sam Champion (of course)I wish Lee Goldberg only because I'd love to pound his hot little ass like there's no tomorrow Supposedly Fox news is behind many of the gay rumors of other news anchors such as Anderson and Keith Olbermann' from MSNBC. Tall, dark, handsome and quite the hottie, but he does wear a wedding ring.

He was totally an adorable doll, but I can't remember his last name.

Very femme and flamboyant, and I had a major hard-on for him. I don't know any famous Mormons except the Osmonds and Mitt Romney, and I don't know if any of them are journalists.

Speaking of hard-ons, I had one bad for Andrew Kurtzman when I lived in NY. Help us out here, since you seem to know who it is."I don't know how gay-friendly they really are; they FIRED Thomas Roberts after he publicly came out, but they keep the closeted Anderson Cooper around."They keep Anderson because he is still in the closet so nobody knows he is gay.[italic]I heard Anderson made a play for Thomas when he interviewed him last year about the priest/sexual molestation story, but TR turned him down.[/italic]Seems to me that they would've had plenty of opportunity to get together long before that interview ever took place. He and his wife have been friends of mine for years. Have you planned where youx92ll go with the winning tickets? Most exotic destination youx92ve ever visited: A tie: Malaysia and South Africa. I heard he went back home to Louisiana last year, but not sure if he went back for a TV job.

He was another absolute doll, but even if he'd been a dog, I would have wanted him, as I loved the way he would pin politicians to the wall, having done his homework, and not let them get away with trying to avoid answering his questions or clouding the issues with lies or irrelevant information. R92: Here's something from an old Dallas Voice article:" Luck was on Brad Hawkinsx92 side when he got online and filled out his Readers Voice ballot. Hawkins answered some questions about his upcoming travel plans. In the past, how has your luck paid off when it comes to winning jackpots and prizes? If I get it together soon, a warm beach or an August vacation to do some kayaking in much cooler British Colombia. Favorite thing about leaving town: The binge while emptying the fridge. Name three destinations you want to visit before you croak: Sri Lanka and coastal India, Mozambique and Antarctica. But when he was in San Diego, I saw him at Club San Diego, the local bathhouse. - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor - Sam Champion, GMA weather anchor - Charles Perez, former WPLG-TV anchor - Randy Price, WCVB-TV anchor (formerly of WHDH-TV) - Thomas Roberts, former CNN/HLN anchor - Craig Stevens, WSVN-TV anchor - John Ogden, WCAU-TV reporter News anchor that I do not believe are gay...

(He may swallow something else on a regular basis.)Chris Wragge (WCBS-2) is linked to Alycia Lane, Philly anchor who was arrested last week in New York for punching a cop while calling her a "dyke bitch".