Things like avoiding giving clues around where you live, checking your privacy settings and thinking about what should be shared in public and what shouldn’t can help.

Addiction is when you want to do something so much that you can start to lose control and it can start to feel like it is taking over your life.

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Some people may even use these chat rooms to pressure you into doing things you’re not ready for.

Staying safe online is something that is really important and there are a few ways that you can make sure you’re not in danger when you use the internet.

You can always get support from our counsellors to talk more about this.

They're here to listen and support you whenever you feel you need to talk.

These numbers can be called from many countries around the world for free.

As is always the case when you see a " " in a phone number, you replace that with the international dialing code (or on many cell phones, just literally type in a ). So to call the "international" number from the US, you would actually dual 0 8667.Nor have I ever done anything anyone asked me to do.I would never dream of actually doing anything these people ask me to do, and anytime it gets dangerous and uncomfortable I close the tab.At first it was a laugh, something curious, but now I talk to strangers about a lot of different things.I know how to be safe online, and have never given away anything close to my real age or name, or something like that.The fact the number corresponds to an adult chat-line in the US is obviously a little unfortunate...