WHENEVER YOU GIVE VALUE YOU ALSO GOT TO TAKE SOME AWAY. You only said “Hi” (not like all other 999 guys who message hey) only because your ball rolled in there not to say hi to her yet to do it.

Examples: “Beauty is a common thing list three qualities you got besides looking pretty” Here, you conveyed she is beautiful but for you beautiful girls is a common thing and she must tell you what makes her different. I’ll be A and the other is Girl1) Opening Set A:[Insert football emoji here]…My bad my ball rolled in here A: While I’m here [Insert hand wave emoji here]Replies-G1: Haha you plan on loitering here for a bit then A: Well only coz you won’t let me go A: You can pass it back on our date. I believe girls only reply to this one if they’re generally already interested in knowing you.

I am sure i can get back to the same state in 2-3 days.

Bangalore hookups-22

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Sorry :))Frankly I got tired of all the guys cribbing in India about how it is unfair to Indian guys, the gender ratio is skewed, girls only like white guys, bla bla when I tried it myself I didn’t get a lot of matches at first but I wanted to do good on tinder up until now when I get 2-3 matches daily and all are good looking girls and im just tired of it.

You could do better.”Okay for conversation you want open ended stuff and something you both can express your opinion on so that you can DISAGREE ( don’t agree ffs) but she shouldn’t be offended. I know it’s a guy instinct and people believe it’s a showcase of confidence. You seem like the right amount of good and bad” ( Girls think being demanding is their birth right well let em believe it) You need to build enough attraction before saying this though. You are casually suggesting a date while being cocky funny (a David De Angelo concept) .

Don’t be afraid to disagree you are entitled to your opinion. It is good.2) Cold reading This takes a little practice but honestly makes for a great opener even if you’re wrong. When I started writing this guide I did not believe in tinder but then I met this wonderful girl who isn’t like any other.

Okay you gotta believe in the Law of abundance don’t get stuck on a single match. Even an insult is better than a generic compliment (don’t try to pull that off yet). “Beauty is being born into a good gene pool you got lucky but what makes you YOU?

Honestly, I feel guys tend to do this because they aren’t getting enough matches. Do not try to impress the girl by listing your qualities or giving straight up compliments. ” OR “Beauty is a common thing list three qualities you got besides looking pretty” ( Ohh, yeah I’ll explain this 2nd one later it is much more interesting than you think ) Ok so like the nerd you are and you feel good when clear a challenge in a video game.

A: Let me guess you seem like a shy person but I got a feeling you’re a great dancer. She is really sweet and proper girlfriend material. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say so I’ve said this only to her and I was genuinely interested.

If she reads this I hope she forgives me.)Yeah , no need to laugh. But the reply would be something like : Btw you cant be wrong you basically took both the stance i.e.

Getting started on Tinder: If you didn’t know Tinder associates an elo rating with every person the same concept like mmr in dota or csgo. Tinder’s CEO did pretty much admit it and said they just want every person to find the right match. Mentioning your qualities is way of qualifying yourself to a person you DO NOT want that whereas conveying your qualities is a DEMONSTRATION OF HIGHER VALUE.