The three main ones are Alibaba Cafe, Byblos and Mezzeh (excellent shisha).

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One of them, Wyt, is very lax, and marijuana smoking is allowed in there (technically and legally it's not, but they will not stop you from sparking up a j).

It's a trippy little place, and it is completely white.

I believe there is already a data sheet on Bangalore, but I want to write this one from a different perspective, as I've lived here for 3 years.

Bangalore, though not filled with celebrities and models like Bombay, has a huge expat community and is the ideal candidate for being the nightlife capital of Bangalore. One good thing about Bangalore when compared to the other big cities of India, is that it is not tourist-infested. High end cuisine in this city is excellent, obviously the South Indian food might seem like the obvious choice, but my advice to you guys would be to hit up the Lebanese joints.

All the booze in there is their own, meaning you can't order brand drinks, the available drinks are only their signature ones (Wyt beer, Wyt vodka). Carmel College, an institution that is known for having the hottest college students in Bangalore.

Hang around the gate around afternoon, around when the talent should be unleashed .

Sometimes if you grease the Park Hotel staff, they will lead girls to your room.

Skyye Lounge: Sexy rooftop lounge in UB City, another excellent spot to game.

Lots of these girls work at call centers in Bangalore away from their families, so they usually lonely and DTF.

Make some Sikh friends (there are quite a lot of Sikhs in Bangalore, at least for South India) and attend a Sikh wedding.

It offers the widest range of liquors and guarantees a perfect evening with wines, champagnes, cognac, world spirits, American whiskeys or finest malts.