Think, dark wood finishes, Spanish tile floors, playful Venetian chandeliers, plush jewel-toned and leather-tufted sofas, for a comfortably studious, yet charmingly disheveled aesthetic.

Beyond the lobby, there are many nooks and crannies accessible only to members and hotel guests, including a library, screening room and rooftop pool, bar and restaurant.

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Alan and Judith have relations right before Judith and Herb did, Judith became impregnated with one or the other's child.

Although there has been hints of it being Alan's and not Herb's, nobody actually knows her real father.

Alan was over the moon, even pushing them to get together.

They are good friends and he is even closer to Charlie and Alan than to her.

In the divorce, Kandi received Alan's condo which they bought with the casino winnings they earned right after their impromptu Las Vegas wedding.

Alan lives in the guest room of Charlie's Malibu Beach House.

The divorce was hard on Alan, He lost almost all of his possessions and got stuck with paying her ,875 monthly alimony.

Alan used to be married to Judith , who is the mother of their son Jake, then Judith divorced Alan.

He did not pay any rent for the first 5 years, 2 months and eleven days that he was living there, since nearly every cent he had went towards alimony and taking care of Jake; when Evelyn said she would pay for Jake's college education, Alan had no incentive to go to work and felt aimless.