The result: Even though this country is smaller than most second-tier cities, you can meet hundreds of Belizean girls online. But first I want to apologize that I didn’t find the link to this goddamn study again.

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This small (only 8867 square miles) country is packed with endless vacation opportunities that are sure to satisfy the thrill-seeking adventurer, the laid-back beach bum, the culture and history explorer and more.

Belize is a tropical destination that is; Caribbean and Central American, reef and …

I mean, the girls you meet in the capital Belmopan have probably never traveled abroad, but their ancestors did…especially the Americans and the British. Garifuna are mixed-race descendants of African, Caribbean, European and a group of indigenous South American people that are called Arawak.

Not surprisingly, 52.9% of the women in Belize are Mestizo aka half white and half Pacific Islander. To sum things up: You’re looking at sexy Latin American girls with African booties, European facial features and Caribbean caramel skin.

[Read More...] Victory is awaiting Belize at the ICJ.

For years, we have witnessed the steadily escalating tensions in the …

In other words, the village girls are REALLY traditional.