You’ll have plenty of prompts for conversation and can or create learn something together.

SF daters can check out After Dark or Nightlife for a twist on the normal museum date.

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Improv is another unexpected great date activity – and I just recommended this to one of my clients.

You really have to let your guard down, be creative and learn not to take yourself too seriously.

For example, Sur la Table offers “Date Night: Italian Summer” at their in-store cooking classrooms across the country!

Utilize the power of Google, Yelp, and friends to find an unconventional date that will teach you more about that guy or gal than you would in a typical bar or restaurant.

Deciding where to take your partner on Valentine's Day is no easy feat; there's a lot of unnecessary pressure that comes with Hallmark's self-created holiday.

Not everyone wants to spend an evening romancing their partner over dinner in a room full of strangers, so what can you to make the experience truly special?

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Look for drop-in improv classes in your area, and for those of you in SF, check out Leela or Endgames.