Born on August 2, 1964, Mary Louise Parker’s age is 52. Army, which meant that the family moved around a lot, to places like Texas, Thailand, France, Tennessee, and Germany.She was born in Fort Jackson, South Carolina to Caroline Louise and John Morgan Parker. Parker claims that she was an unhappy child, despite her parents giving her everything she needed.

At the time, Parker was seven months pregnant with Crudup’s child.

Their son, William Atticus Parker, was born in 2004.

She was expecting at the time, and expressed her emotional state after the cab driver kicked her out saying, “I don’t want you any more. She was in movies like Signs of Life, Fried Green Tomatoes, Naked in New York, The Client, Reckless, Murder in Mind, Goodbye Lover, Red Dragon, Saved!

, Solitary Man, RED, RED 2, Behaving Badly, Golden Exists, and Jamesy Boy.

"It just seems completely frivolous and counterproductive and just not really in my world right now," she said. In 2003, Crudup famously left girlfriend Mary Louise Parker, who was 7-months pregnant at the time, for Claire Danes.

In 2015, Danes spoke about the relationship with Crudup, who was her costar on Stage Beauty, in a Sirius XM interview with shock jock Howard Stern."That was a scary thing…That was really hard," she admitted.

Besides working in films, Parker has also worked in television.

She is best-known for her role as single mom/local drug dealer, Nancy Botwin, in Weeds.

The letter that is presumably about Crudup is titled “Mr. After dating for two years, the couple announced their engagement on February 12, 2008.