Count = 4 at this point, but I cannot move bs Supplies. I dont seam to have a problem actually creating the new Row.

bindingsource not updating-87

Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.

The second panel is initially invisible and behind the first panel.

The Row State property of each Data Row also changes; Added and Modified rows become Unchanged, and Deleted rows are removed." changing the state of the checkbox on one record, it enters edit mode with a rowstate of modified.

Calling acceptchanges will end the edit and commit the changes without having to move off the record. We had similar issues with single record forms in our application and found the same poblems.

Displayed Cells Except Headers ' Set the Data Grid View control's border.

Shoot Id = shoot Id Prop _ Select New With ' Automatically resize the visible rows. Auto Size Rows Mode = Data Grid View Auto Size Rows Mode. The only problem comes from adding a new Row from within the program.There are certain values that cannot be Null inside the Access Database, so I cannot just Insert a blank row and then recieve a new Data Set from the database.If I change the Checked property of the Checkbox and immediately go to save, I get the message.However, if I change the Checked property, then select a different record, then go to save, the previous record *is* updated in the database and I do not get the message. Wayne "When you call Accept Changes on the Data Set, any Data Row objects still in edit-mode end their edits successfully. If someone can either provide me a solution to my problem or point me in the correct direction, I would greatly appreciate it.