Lawrence Chernin is the founder of Brainiac – a website for out of the box singles and several intelligence themed singles groups with thousands of members across the US and Canada.His favorite slogan is “it’s sexy to be smart” and his message is to encourage singles to think and be creative.If someone wasn’t suitable or you wish to amend your preferences, you can speak to your matchmaker to sort this out.

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My site, already has over 20,000 members and is bigger than 99.9% of the other dating sites out there.

I used many of the major sites when I was single and struggled with them.

The site explains a little about how the process works and what you can expect, but this service is more hands-on than you’ll find on many other professional dating websites.

It is designed for all sorts of people but you can be specific about the kinds of people you wish to meet or avoid, so requesting dates with professionals is no problem.

Even a small video of a few MB would be such a huge enhancement for a dating site.

I had and option for users to upload videos on my site and almost no one used it.

” It is a humorous look at dating in the 21st century.1.

The new concept of “friends” and how easy it has come to build social networks on Twitter and Facebook for example.2.

For example, if you wish to meet a professional woman in her 40s, on a weekday evening for Italian food, you can express all of this and your matchmaker can find people and locations to suit your needs.

This is a flexible service which takes your feedback into account when arranging new dates.

Do not forget about creating a plan to get the word out effectively. So my piece of software is the web browser, server, linux, the php language and other key web components like CSS, javascript mysql, and HTML. Though youtube is immensely popular, most singles online don’t have a clue how to make a video of themselves and put it online.