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Co C Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide How to Access the Co C Program Competition Report in HDX Co C-PHA Crosswalk Report Co C Priority Listing Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide HUD Form 2991: Certification of Consistency with the Consolidated Plan Project Rating and Ranking Tool How to Access the Project Application Transferring an Existing Project: Identifies the steps recipients (i.e., grantees) and HUD Field Office staff need to take when projects are being transferred from one organization to another.

HUD Form 2880: Applicant/Recipient Disclosure/Update Report How to Complete the HUD Form 2880 in : Instructions for completing the HUD Form 2880 in the Project Applicant Profile and the individual Project Applications.

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Updating the Collaborative Applicant Organization and/or Primary Contacts: Instructions for when the Collaborative Applicant organization changes and when the Primary Contact changes (no organization change).

The C19's un-weathered C19's arrived in 2013 and we have sold all our stock of them.

The MPH2 Rack PDU utilizes Software Electronic Overcurrent Protection and 100% Rated 20A Branch Overcurrent Protection with Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers ensuring safe operation for the attached devices.The MPH2 Rack PDU can be managed remotely using a variety of methods, including the Onboard Web Interface; CLI; SNMP; SSH; Telnet Integration with Avocent® ACS, Avocent Universal Management Gateway & Avocent Merge Point™ Unity Integration with DSView®, Rack Power Manager, Nform™ and the Trellis™ platform.Vertiv MPH2 "R" Model Managed Rack PDUs - Outlet Level Metered and Switched Vertiv MPH2 Managed Rack PDU offerings deliver remote monitoring and control capabilities in a range of models.Project Applicant Authorized Representative Update: Instructions for when there is a change in the organization’s Authorized Representative.Project Applicant Profile Navigational Guide: Instructions for accessing, updating, and completing the Project Applicant Profile, which is available year-round. The Court agrees with Judge Coughenour and Defendant that these two actions are indeed related as provided in Local Civil Rule 3(g)(4) and that it appears that parallel litigation will be duplicitous and an undue burden on the Court and the parties.