This can be truly spectacular and may even one particular rare remarkable. Management, pictures and visual effects ended up all very innovative along with brilliant.

The pleasure from the script, often humorous and it has a great deal of heart for many his characters are extremely very well developed.

Well somehow 14 years have passed since then (and I can't quite believe that :eek:) and we now have the 7th film in the X-Men franchise.

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In between these wonderful bursts of action though I just found that the film had a tendency to fall into a lull on a couple of occasions.

With its complicated story the film has to spend a lot of time trying to keep things clear for the audience, which sadly results in the situation and the stakes being reiterated time and time again.

While I certainly wouldn't go that far this is an extremely entertaining entry into the X-Men franchise, and one that continues the upswing of First Class.

The film does open in absolutely thrilling fashion and ends quite strongly as well.

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Director : Antoine Fuqua, Producer : Gerard Butler, Producer : Ed Cathell III, Producer : Mark Gill, Cinematography : Conrad W.

With Xavier a broken man, Wolverine's first challenge is to help him find his old strength.

The next challenge isn't one that sits all that well with Xavier; they must break Magneto (Fassbender) out of a prison cell beneath the Pentagon.

It just threatens to get bogged down by becoming overly talky, derailing the momentum and in general I didn't feel it was as well paced as Captain America: The Winter Soldier for example.