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VANCOUVER — The Canadian Ismaili Muslim community is pleased to announce Ismaili CIVIC 150 – a pledge by the Ismaili community of 1 million hours of voluntary service to improve the quality of life of Canadians.

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This is not a matter of philanthropy, but rather of self-fulfillment — ‘enlightened self-fulfillment.’” Ismaili settlement in Canada The first Ismailis arrived in Canada in the late 1950s as part of a professional pool that immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom and western European countries.

A few Ismaili entrepreneurs also arrived at that time in search of economic opportunities.Today, approximately 100,000 Ismailis of diverse origins are settled throughout Canada.These shared values are reflected in the many development projects on which the Government of Canada and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (ca) have partnered for over 35 years, in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and eastern Africa.The Canadian Ismaili Muslim Community is governed by volunteers under the aegis of His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Canada, headquartered in Toronto.Local Ismaili Councils are based in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.The current partnership is expressed through efforts that include improving health and education systems, ensuring that people are able to feed themselves and earn a living, and equipping communities with the tools they need to succeed.