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NPhttps://t.co/2m ACf HAS0H pic.twitter.com/vx ETZy KOe C— SA Police Service (@SAPolice Service) July 30, 2019 A joint operation by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) worked in conjunction with those who had been scammed.

They provided their details and conversations with the perpetrator to the authorities, who were able to arrest the suspected fraudster on Friday.

A Cape Town man who preyed on multiple victims by playing the “lonely hearts” card has finally been brought to justice, although it took some intervention from our friends in America – namely, the FBI – to finally nab the architect behind an online dating scam.

The suspect has already appeared in court on Monday, facing charges of fraud and money laundering.

This case follows a shocking example of extortion which was reported in Durban last week: A syndicate used operatives to gain the trust of potential romantic partners, before threatening to make their nude pictures public.

The group managed to secure hefty payments from their victims and continued to harass them at work and online for even more money.

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