I’ll start this blog by sharing that I’m no expert when it comes to dating.

Dating apps link your email address with other data. Here are one, two and three services that allow companies to link your email address to your Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mobile phone number and more for fractions on the cent. However, what if they used the data to understand someone’s real intentions?

By combining app usage with social data, dating apps like Tinder are very capable of finding people you’d be extremely well suited to. Active users on dating apps lead to increased profitability. Higher user volume allows dating apps to charge more to their advertisers and equates to more paying users (via subscription services such as Tinder Gold).

✨💕 now just patiently waiting to see exactly when she decides to make her entrance!

My new song, LIKE ME, is now out on ALL digital platforms!!!

Ever since Cathy told me about her location, I’ve been in love with it and hoping to book it as well for our wedding. Seeing you put on wedding gown is a wonderful moments for your fans to witness.

Finally after shooting Cathy and Mikey’s wedding, we pulled trigger as well and booked the Loft for our wedding too. I hope you can continue singing after your marriage life, and continue to share your happiness with us from around the globe. i can clearly remember every emotion felt in every single one of these clips.. ..sharing a glimpse of our journey from the last 9 months! They can learn more about you than you’d like them to, and use this to bring you back to the apps.However, they more commonly use this to find new users to advertise to via social media.However, the reality is that all apps eventually attract people who just want to “have fun”. The apps struggle to segment people into their desired intent.