As you can see in the trailer, there are definitely real documentary elements to the film.

With her hands on almost everything creative, you should not be surprised if tomorrow you wake to hear that the actress is a carpenter.

At least she has warned us that “I want to do all the things that challenge my soul, whether it be music, comedy, art, shoe cobbling or carpentry.”As a writer, Charlyne has published a book; Oh the moon in 2015.

Her real breakthrough, however, came in 2009 with the film, paper hearts.

That same year, she was selected as one of Venus Zine’s “25 under 25” women of the year, a true testament of many things to come many years later.

I was like, "They really gave me so many chances because in my audition I was terrible. Jasnovec, who clearly has a thing for Yi, pushes the Cera angle onto the story because he sees a chance to get an honest to god movie star in his little documentary, but Yi and Cera resist.

And they gave me so many chances to improvise, and everything that would come out of my mouth was not funny until like the end, when I said one thing. And then, when I did get the job, I said my lines very stiffly -- like,"Hi. The tension eventually threatens to tear the budding relationship apart and derail the documentary completely.

After meeting the man, she starts to develop feelings towards him, and since then she starts to see a different version of love with an utter new meaning.

Like the story, the rumor of the lady dating her co-star swept the media. Despite working together, the lady had not revealed anything about her relationship status with the man, while the audience assumed the duo were sincerely in the relationship as they were spotted together in plenty of events.

Although her name may not be the first to pop up for many, as she is not one to stick to one path, when it gets mentioned, you would just have to agree that she has got her place.