I feel my heartstrings tugged by different parts of the story this time around as I am pulled in by Piper’s soft romantic heart.

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Overall, the ship works, and I mourn right alongside the Halliwell sisters as the hope for a multi-episode arc for Dead John Cho dies with him.

I am very charmed by the ship and the choice to have Piper fall in love with an Asian man.

Both of them are sincere, sweet, and secretly badass people.

The single-episode love story is bittersweet because Dead John Cho never had a legitimate shot with Piper.

Mark's body is found, but identified as Tony Wong, a Chinatown crime lord. Piper enters an upstairs room and freezes the three men inside.

Phoebe gets a vision and draws two Chinese characters. She places a newspaper in Tony Wong's hands, the headline clearly reading TONY WONG FOUND DEAD. Tony Wong gets Piper's license plate number as she and Mark drive away. The car almost hits him, but Phoebe tackles him and pushes him out of the way.

The story itself has fairy tale elements that really highlight how romantic Piper is, especially in comparison to her sisters.

I love that Piper is the hero in the story, while Dead John Cho is more the damsel in distress.

Tony tells Piper that he had faked his death and was planning to flee to Hong Kong. The sisters return to the manor and are greeted by a surprise party for Prue, with Andy in attendance.