JS: I coach singles solely on how to find love and long-term relationships.

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Julie Spira (JS): Even with all of the television commercials showing online dating success, some couples are still hesitant to try online dating.

Twenty percent of couples are meeting online now and the popularity ranges from busy college students to baby boomers.

If you fall in love with someone from behind the computer screen, you may end up with the false illusion that you're in a relationship.

It does take time to get to know someone, so you need to move your relationship from online to offline as soon as possible.

JS: In order to avoid the overwhelming amount of responses you may receive, it's important to be organized.

I work with singles to create an organizational system to keep their dates straight.

I believe in being forthright in representing who you are, but never give out your last name, your home phone number or address, or financial information. It's important to fill in the subject line of your email.

LTK: What do you recommend for making the first contact on a dating site? Those that say "hello" or are empty with "No subject" might not even get read.

Knowing they won't have a great response to their status of "separated," they will often post "divorced," which is not the case.