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If the relationship becomes serious boundaries with opposite sex friends are needed.

These boundaries depend on the people involved, and should be applied evenly with out double standards.

Please don't take that as a controlling statement; if she wants to keep her guy friends, so be it, but she will not have me.

I feel it is disrespectful to me and the relationship and will not have it.

tell your two closest girl friends every single thing that your bae says and does. But your guy friends just don't do that with each other and that's the way it is. Which would put your awesome friendship in jeopardy. People who don't know you assume that you just don't like girls.

Your girl friends pretty much write every other text you send to your S.

I'm looking for a woman's perspective here (though feel free to fire-away guys)...

I have recently started dating a woman who makes it known (albeit all-to-often), that she talks to and hangs out with some of her guy friends.

But your guy friends tell it like it is — a guy that likes you wouldn't ghost you, so it's time to move on. At the same time, their friendly advice is useless.

Your girlfriends are jumping through hoops to explain why that guy from study hall ghosted you, because they're your number one fan and want you and your crush to work out.

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