So, the wounded party must have the opportunity to express their hurt, disgust, anguish, etc.

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We typically do this through collecting information and grasping the situation for ourselves.

The wounded party must find out what they need to find out within reason.

Don't make an instant decision you may regret later, after the damage is done.

It's possible to find an extraordinary love after divorcing late in life, but most of my clients report the potential partners out there are no better than the ones they left.

Cheating does not have to be a death knell for a relationship, but it is a good thing to try to prevent because it can definitely weaken the infrastructure.

As such, I often recommend to couples that they consider a course of therapy during the engagement phase, or at the time of challenging transitions, to give them the skill sets they need to avoid ‘careless fixes’ like inappropriate relationships.""I am an infidelity expert, an infidelity survivor and the author of Ultimate Betrayal: Recognizing, Uncovering and Dealing with Infidelity," Danine Manette, Speaker, Criminal Investigator, Author, tells Bustle.

It’s important that the victim doesn't feel like they have to nag for the information.

It can be hard for a couple to determine how much or how little checking the victim needs to feel safe again.

As I detail in my book, Renew Your Wows, mixing facts and feelings is a losing proposition.