When you’re falling for a guy who already is taken by someone else, rest assured, the third party will not be ecstatic about your presence.Even if she isn’t suspicious about the whole affair, if and when — and yes, there will always be a when — she finds out, she will not be happy.

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When he tells you he has to skip out early because he has plans with his significant other, it will probably hurt.

You’ll probably find yourself asking what you could do to come out as the winner in his eyes, but it’s just a waste of your time. Homeboy is just messed up and using you to feed his own self-confidence. He will treat you like a sideshow in his screwed up life.

When you start to question what was real and what wasn’t, you’ll stop believing in anything real at all. You’ll probably never know if it was sincere or not.

And, knowing how twisted the guy could be, it probably wasn’t sincere.

Chances are, he’ll know how to manipulate his significant other into believing that it was never anything anyway.

And no matter what age you are, girls are crazy b*tches.

Save yourself the expanded dictionary of verbal abuse.

Think Blair Waldorf banishing Jenny Humphrey from Manhattan. Think about it: this guy has you on the side, next to his actual significant other — the girl he claims to love.

In college, you see people go through all kinds of relationships, and watching these people has taught me a lot.