Moreover, I want to point out that being an American (or British), doesn’t seem to help your chances as the case is in other Latin countries. Like $Ukrainian women, Argentinian women can smell BS a mile away and will endlessly test you to see if you are who you say you are.

So, don’t play the “I’m an awesome American so you should have sex with me” card. While they like to be seduced, they don’t want to feel like they’re being played. Try not to play too many games, and don’t try to be some smooth Don Juan.

Whereas Brazilian or Colombian women can be easily approached offline or online, Argentinian girls are typically on guard, so an online way is much better.

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Like every other expat who had lived in Argentina, he recounted how the women were difficult and how he couldn’t make anything happen for at least the first several weeks. When I pressed him further, he explained that the key to his success was persistence.

He told me about a time when he kept asking this girl to go out with him until she caved in and went out.

As I spent the next several months living in Argentina’s capital, those initial thoughts were only reinforced. An average Argentinian woman is a mixture of Spanish and Italian genes with some Portuguese thrown in for good measure.

While not only were they beautiful, but, as I later found out, they were also one of the hardest women to approach and seduce. The majority of them have olive skin, so they wouldn’t be out of place in Spain, Italy or Portugal if you transport one there.

Plus, you can attend all kinds of cultural events, thus ensuring you’ll be able to meet the type of girl you’re looking for.

Buenos Aires has a flourishing coffee-shop scene, which is great for working and relaxing, especially if you’re a digital nomad who makes a living working line.

I know that many Argentinian women aren’t going to agree with that statement, but ask any Argentinian guy or Latin guy and they will nod their heads. While Argentina is located in Latin America, as a country Argentina bears little resemblance to its neighbors: Brazil, Chile or even every other country in Latin America. While I have met Argentinian women that have been friendly and helpful, the consensus is that Argentinian women are somewhat brash or arrogant does have some strength behind it.

There are certainly many more arrogant Argentinian women than, say, Brazilian or Colombian friendly who are, overall, much friendlier.

To make your life easier, you have to know where to find these women and not waste your time on those who are only looking for local guys.