Let’s find it out…Overcoming your approach anxiety is great and walking up to women without shitting yourself is even better, but saying “hi” and smiling like a drunk dog won’t magically put her number in your phone.

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And what besides “Instead of saying some indirect bullshit that leads to nothing but frustration, blue balls and an entry pass to the friend zone, you give her an honest and genuine compliment that clearly communicates that you are attracted to her and that your interest in her is not particularly asexual.

Of course it isn’t wrong to say the typical compliment that everyone else uses.

You only have a chance to get inside her heart and inside her pussy when you say the right things to her.

The first few seconds of a conversation with a woman are absolutely crucial for your future seduction success.

She is rose to fame due to her distinctive Asian woman features. She is the heartthrob of the youth of Philippines, and according to them, she is most beautiful Asian Girl. She is famous for her perfect beauty and excellent acting skills.

Marian Rivera is popular Spanish Filipino model and actress. Deepika is currently working in Indian and Hollywood movies. Asian women are highly desirable by European and Americans men.Let her know that her walk makes you want to put a baby in her belly.Okay, t actually tell her that, but your words should make her feel that the way she walks turns you on.Unfortunately, these girls are also very rare, at least in the Western hemisphere.When you see a girl with such a walk in a Western European country you have to approach her by telling her that you absolutely love the way she walks.Most of the girls have smooth hair, baby soft skin, and stunning body.