Bariciak et al (2003) evaluated inter-observer accuracy of bruise characteristics and age, where the age of the bruise was known, and where abuse or a medical condition predisposing the injured child to bruising were excluded.Stephenson and Bialas (1996) photographed bruises of children on an orthopaedic ward, where the time of their injury was known, and concluded that different colours appear in the same bruise at the same time, and that not all colours appeared in every bruise.

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Barsley et al (1990) note that a major disadvantage of using UV photography is that the observer can not visualise what is being captured on film, and describe a technique of using a video recorder to capture UV images.

Bruises located nearer to the surface appearing red, while those located deeper appeared blue (due to the optical characteristics of the skin and the 'Rayleigh scatter phenomenon' i.e.

blue wavelengths of the light being scattered (and reflected) more than the red wavelengths).

Yajima and Funayama (2006) analysed bruising in the living using both tristimulus and spectrophotometric measurement, and indicated that single readings were so variable as to be meaningless, but that multiple readings over a series of days showed some promise as a quantitative method of analysing bruises (enabling allocation of bruises to 'recent', 'older', or 'nearly healed' groupings).The color of the bruise can give you an idea how old it is: Also, blood vessels tend to become fragile as people get older, which is why elderly people tend to bruise more easily.Apply a cold compress to the bruise to help slow down the blood that's flowing to the area, which decreases the amount of blood that ends up leaking into the tissues.Reliance on the colour yellow was thus beginning to be questioned, and Hughes et al (2004) showed subjects a series of photographs of bruises in which the yellow 'saturation' was digitally altered, in order to evaluate differences in yellow perception.They identified only 3 papers that met their inclusion criteria (out of 1495 articles, of which the full text of 167 papers was reviewed), and concluded that the assessment of the age of a bruise in children was inaccurate (Maguire et al 2005).In other words, if the bruise is on your shin, lie down on a couch or bed and prop up your leg.