Not only will you have mastered the skills of a Pick-Up Artist but you’ll be a Pick-Up Artist who understands how to get who he wants, when he wants it.

You begin with an introductory hour where instructors explains schematics planned for the three-day session.

You will learn how to approach women at different venues in various situations and you’ll participate in practice drills to get you comfortably approaching women.

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Utilize their feedback and you’ll see quick results every time.

By the end of boot camp we guarantee you’ll be confident in picking up attractive women anywhere in Chicago.

Instructors need to observe how women see you BEFORE they give you any instruction.

This allows the instructors to understand exactly how to help you become more successful.

All the places where you’re most likely to find beautiful women.

You will begin with in-class instructions where you’ll be given drill’s to practice.

On the evening of day two you’ll put your knowledge to the test.

This night will be all about you; you’ll do the approaching using the methods, and drills, you learned earlier in the day.

In this session we’ll cover how to send a text message and when to call a woman you’ve just met.