Price: Tba Registration: Register for the E-ticket here. : Toys4Engineers is a conference on innovation & recruitment.

Strength: This time, the organizer partnered with Made Smarter in order to address international collaboration opportunities, the national policy as well as practical knowledge to drive industrial digitalization from within UK value chains. Strength: The target audiences includes aerospace, automotive, power generation, marine, off-shore, built environment, cultural heritage and virtual reality.

Price: €590 Registration: Tickets can be purchased at the website. : ABX is the Architecture Boston Expo, where the architecture, building, and design industry meet.

Strength: The event is divided into a seminar and the exhibition area and aims to be open and interconnected.

Price: Tba Registration: Register here for the show. : Sim-AM is an international conference on simulation for additive manufacturing.

Strength: Take a peek the maker’s culture at this family-friendly event.

Price: €11.25 Registration: Get your ticket for the show here. : The focus of the Additive Manufacturing Conference lies on industrial applications of additive technologies for making functional components and end-use production parts.

Strength: At the event, you will gain experience with best-in-class Df AM software such as Inspire from solid Thinking and the lattice-structure capabilities in Magics from Materialise. Speakers from industry, research and science will introduce you to the latest trends, manufacturing processes and applications.

Price: ,995 Registration: Register for the course here. : EMO is an international metalworking trade show Strength: It is the only trade fair to tap into the world’s globalized markets. Strength: In addition to the lectures, a full program with workshops and exhibitions around the focal points 3D printing and rapid manufacturing awaits you.

Strength: The fair contains a showcase of over 50 displays by companies and organizations across a broad range of sectors including med-tech, pharma, food, infrastructure, energy and automotive. Strength: The 3D Printing Conference offers a meeting place with other additive manufacturing professionals.

Price: 5 Registration: Register here for the show. : Representatives will present their recent scientific discoveries, research activities and emerging applications in Additive Manufacturing and related technologies. : Formerly named IN(3D)USTRY, the event became “INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions” to include more industrial sectors, such as machine-tools, news materials, automation, and many more. : Advanced Engineering sources all your product needs under one roof, including R&D, Design, Materials and Technology, and more. : At Materials 3D Printing you will learn about the latest in polymers, metal printing, materials, and 3D printing methods.

Price: Registration: The entry for the exhibit hall is free when you register until 23rd of August. : The event for design-to-manufacturing innovation showcases the latest in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design, and engineering technology. : WESTEC is a Californian manufacturing trade show with speakers of industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial machinery and consumer goods.