Its very tiresome chatting all the time, and most of the girls never reply back (those who I have, at least, some physical interest). They should be an extra tool for getting more dates. Most men who don't practice dating since they were 13 have some degree of what you are troubled with. Step one - portray yourself at all times in the most well dressed, fashionable man you can be. You may be able to attract a hot girl, but you must accept that certain hot girls will never date you no matter what redeeming qualities you have because you are NOT THEIR TYPE. Step two - portray yourself socially amongst women as a relaxed and easygoing man, who is willing to have a fun conversation.

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I posted a while back about a guy that I wasn't sure was interested in me but as it turns and we've been out on a few dates.

Everything's been lovely, he's a vey nice guy, the only issue is he's VERY inexperienced for a 20yr old college guy.

One thing I remember her saying that was very nice when i looked frustrated was something like "we have lots of time to explore new things" If he's never had a gf and never gone beyond kissing, he is going to be DYING to try new things.

I remember when my gf showed me she was willing, she let me try out all kinds of neat things (and even initiated a few herself).

I really like this guy, does anyone have any advice for me?

As an inexperienced guy, I can answer this I suppose.He's never had a girlfriend, never done anything but kiss a girl.It's not really a problem for me but I want to make sure I don't push him too far.If you are a consumer of porn, it needs to stop right now.It will be like trying to come off heroin - but if you choose to continue porn, a real relationship will be like trying to taste Italian spice after eating tacos with spicy red hot sauce - like an effing candle compared to a blowtorch.I recently started using dating apps to hookup with women, and, in the past few months, I dated some girls, all with the same result: Nothing happens after a few dates. You should also spend time getting friendly with women, solely for the friendship, without worrying about fighting the friendzone.