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Livestock are the major source of milk and meat for the Ova Himba.

Their main diet is sour milk and maize porridge ( oruhere ruomaere) and sometimes plain hard porridge only, due to milk and meat scarcity.

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how to get boyfriend hard, i have a new boyfriend - how to attract a beautiful woman how to get a hot boyfriend in high school how to find a boyfriend in middle school. There are also a few groups left of the Ova Twa, who are also Ova Himba, but are hunter-gatherers, but Ova Himba do not like to be associated with Ova Twa.The Ova Himba are a semi-nomadic, pastoralist people, culturally distinguishable from the Herero people in northern Namibia and southern Angola, and speak Otji Himba, a variety of Herero, which belongs to the Bantu family within Niger–Congo.Their diet is also supplemented by cornmeal, chicken eggs, wild herbs and honey.Only occasionally, and opportunistically, are the livestock sold for cash.Women and girls take care of the children, and one woman or girl will take care of another woman's children.