But for brands looking to make a lasting partnership with prospective endorsers like Kyler Murray, the top overall pick in the NFL Draft last month, an evening of old-fashioned speed dating ignited potentially fruitful relationships.

The day before players’ lives changed forever in the NFL Draft, agency The Marketing Arm invited over a dozen brands, many of which are TMA and Omnicom clients and included companies like Hyundai, Nike and Skittles, to spend roughly five minutes with 20 of the most marketable future NFL stars at The Marketing Arm’s Chosen event in Nashville, Tenn.

They only connected less than a month ago, but definitely are having fun.

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One example, according to Lisa Campbell, director of external affairs at Mars Petcare, is that whenever Pedigree expands its Better Cities for Pets initiative, the brand looks for hometown heroes, like Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan, who shares Pedigree’s mission to improve the lives of pets with his Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation.

When choosing to work with an athlete, brands need to consider a number of factors.

While Culpo didn’t post about Mc Caffrey on social media, her friend Kristen Louelle shared a video that featured both Culpo and Mc Caffrey.

In the video, Culpo is seated for a meal on the beach while Mc Caffrey and Kristen’s husband Tyler Gaffney took the stage for an activity in Cabos. News, “Olivia and Christian planned a getaway to Cabo for a few days with their two friends Kristen and Tyler, who actually were the ones that set them up.

"They have been spending time at the resort's hotel and private beach, and adventured to Mango Deck where they spent the day drinking and dancing together." Despite their getaway, Christian and Olivia aren’t getting serious yet.

The source emphasized, “Christian and Olivia are having a lot of fun together, but their relationship isn't serious yet.video marketing sports and apps at AT&T, said brands must guard against being overpowered by the talent.“Brand recall in a commercial, for example, should be top of mind,” he warned, “and the athlete should reinforce that narrative and enhance the brand’s message, not muffle it.” Athletes and marketers attending the Chosen event agreed that players need to be educated about representing a brand.They had met before in previous social settings, but reconnected recently.” “They have been texting nonstop since the beginning of last month, and this is the first vacation they have spent together.They have really hit it off and are into each other," the insider went on.I'm happy too.” Danny would eventually apologize for his post, blaming it on “miscommunication.” It has been reported that Amendola has moved on from the relationship, “talking to and texting” other women.