See full summary » All's fair in love and war - and in competition between rival Chinese food restaurants.

Ho-Jung's friend Cha Hee has a thing for Kyu-In and Ho-Jung later realizes that she too has feelings for him.

Ho-Jae, Ho-Jung's brother, is a player, who has good physical features.

Things start to get complicated for Ho-Jae when he falls for Ho-Jung’s friend Soo-Ji, who does not have a physical appeal but has a good personality and intelligence.

This was not the best drama, and it moved very slowly.

Not speaking up and letting people manipulate you is annoying and this drama was full of it. But, Chae Rim and So Ji Sub will not be together most of the time.

However, it was SO fun seeing these wonderful actors when they were young. They love each other but they keep on fighting and they break up.Ethan has his own 7.3 million followers on Instagram, which is less than Grayson’s 7.6 million followers.Their most viewed video is when Grayson got his wisdom teeth out. In March 2018 the twins announced that they would be taking a break from You Tube.Supposedly when they broke up Mickelson and her friend posted a You Tube video about dating advice.She allegedly whispered to her friend that she cheated on Ethan.A lawyer in her thirties coming out of a long relationship decides to regain her figure and health after meeting a renowned personal trainer who obsesses with leading a healthy lifestyle after suffering a serious injury in his childhood. Kim Woo-Hyun is the only son of a high ranking police officer.