The Facebook page for Salad Match says “Meet at Just Salad for lunch or dinner, schmooze over a frozen yogurt, and get lost in each other’s eyes while enjoying a freshly chopped salad.” The app has been a surprisingly big hit, so clearly there are lots of people out there who prioritize salad when it comes to love!

If you’re a fan of light, healthy lunches this could be the perfect app for you (unless you and your date end up having a heated argument about whether or not you should put balsamic vinegar on salads).

If you were to try a different brand, what features would make you switch?

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The dating world has changed a lot in the last decade.

Now, I've become quite the connoisseur on adult diapers. Anyone's welcome to host or participate in an AMA.

Topics may involve anything from ordinary to extraordinary subject matter.Equestrian Cupid is the biggest dating site for horse and country lovers.If you dislike the busy city and you dream of settling down in the countryside with some horses, you can join this website to find other like-minded people.Once the only way to meet someone was by approaching them in real life and awkwardly trying to start a conversation, but now you don’t even need to leave your house to meet someone. Now, most singles use dating apps such as Tinder where they can match with someone without even talking to them first.You might think that this means it is much easier to start a relationship, but in reality, many people complain that it is impossible to meet someone that they like.This might be because lots of people use Tinder as a hook-up app, so it is difficult to find someone who is looking for something serious.