Otzi was a man who lived sometime between 33 BCE in what is called the Chalcolithic or Copper Age.He stood approximately five feet and three inches high and at the end of his life suffered from arthritis, gallstones, and whipworm. At first, it was believed that Otzi had died from exposure, but in 2001 an X-ray revealed that there was a stone arrowhead embedded in his left shoulder.

Other women clamored to be the first to be impregnated with sperm from Ötzi's testicles. A company called Oxford Ancestors, for a fee, will compare your DNA with Otzi’s to see if you are related.

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A CT scan in 2005 discovered that the arrowhead had severed one of the Otzi's arteries, most likely causing his death.

A large wound on Otzi's hand was another indicator that Otzi had been in close combat with someone shortly before his death.

At the time, however, the Simons and the authorities all thought the body belonged to a modern man who had recently suffered a deadly accident.

Removing a frozen body that's stuck in the ice at 10,530 feet (3,210 meters) above sea level is never easy.

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Perhaps more research will help answer these and other questions about Otzi the Iceman.