I can't tell what "it" was - lust, love, but I wish I didn't have this complication in my life and so does he. I hope you make the right decision for you.for your friend's Mom.

Figuring out what to do for your own mom on Mother’s Day may be nerve-racking, but it’s nothing compared to knowing what to do for your boyfriend’s mom when the second Sunday of May comes around.

Here are a few good ideas that show you care without crossing any lines: Do not provide her with a greater gift than you provide your own mother.

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Please feel free to email [email protected] any questions. Team Peanut I must say not being from the DMV makes it hard to just jump into friendships with people. I met friends through work then shortly afterwards got pregnant and they dropped me like a sack of potatoes lol So yeah there with my clan :-(.

However, if you and your boyfriend have been together for years, and you’ve never even met his mom, then Mother’s Day might not offer the best opportunity to reach out to her.

Unless you are incredibly close with your boyfriend’s mom, you should only provide her with a small personalized gesture or thoughtful acknowledgment of your appreciation for her.

While your relationship with your own mom is pretty clear-cut, the expectations lying between you and your boyfriend’s mom are far more open to variation and interpretation.

Before deciding what you should do for your boyfriend’s mom, first you need to figure out whether you should do anything at all for her.

If she doesn't feel the same about me I have the maturity to deal with it (I am not going to throw myself from a building or anything) but if she does feel the same way, can the relationship ever work (I am willing to sacrifice alot for this) and how will my friend feel?

I would not like to loose my best friend and at the same time I hate seeing my friends mom always so unhappy, what should I do?

I really want to tell her how I feel about her but I am worried about my friendship (I have been best friends for more than 15 years) and he is very protective over his mom.

I feel though that I have to tell her even if she doesn't feel the same way about me because she has had 2 failed marriages and all of the guys that she dates don't treat her well and the relationships usually end painfully.

0X Hi, Obviously you have thought things well over. A person that is 22 years older than you are thinks on really different levels, and I believe that in this case I think age does matter. I would recommend you to read on-line stuff on here and other sides that are about age gap relations.