Zeiss' latest innovation sets it apart from the other ultra-high-end optics brands.Just in the last few years, Carl Zeiss unveiled the Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars.

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Because you don’t want to frighten or scare away the birds, watching from a distance serves a useful purpose.

But what other common uses are there for binoculars?

Cost and Value Zeiss binoculars are the leading manufacturer in binoculars, and as such, will not come at a cheap price point.

This list is dedicated to all Zeiss, so you would have to expect to pay a pretty penny for several of these.

When we think of binoculars, we usually think of bird-watching.

How else are we going to be able to zoom in and magnify species of birds that are hundreds of feet away from us?It provides bright, high contrast images through the lens, which is especially important for hunters who need those extra pair of eyes during the night.Comfort Focus Concept This pair also has an innovative comfort focus concept, which enables you to get the most precision in viewing without manually focusing every second.Some are less inexpensive than others, and this one falls in the “average” range for what a Zeiss binocular is supposed to be.If you are serious about hunting or bird watching or viewing faraway objects in close, clear detail, a Zeiss binocular will last you a lifetime and give you the top clarity you can get.Carl Zeiss founded his optical shop in Jena, Germany to supply the nearby university with scientific equipment that met exacting standards.