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I want to live good life for love and for this reason I search the man for me, I think I have much thoughts about you and I think I love you Bryan, I want to meet you, do you want it too? Maybe wel be together, Ill ask about trip to you, I want to see you and speak with you, I hope you want it too.

And I forgot to say you that I used the old lastname of my mother, its more like me, my real lastname is Mikhailova.

Possible it will be sounds silly but if you are interested a meeting with the nice woman, I shall like to meet you sometime soon!

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Marina Mikhailova (Omsk, Russia) Original contact came from her responding to a personal ad I posted on No money has been requested yet.

I stumbled upon your site and found the correspondence at: womenrussiadotcom/blackpage38.htm#gavrilova Still talking to her/him/it Photo and letter attached.

She sent me the Flight Information she is leaving Nov. I did let Datingfaces know and I told thats the FREE E-mail site she uses [email protected] Her Address is: Lenin St. She says she is 26 and will be 27 on Nov 13th, the day after she said she will be here with me. [email protected] Our site is a free access website where any visitor can make a scam check or leave a comment about a person (possibly a russian dating scammer) whom the visitor got acquainted with through the online dating agency.

12, at from Moscow, I checked she or her friend is very good they got the Information I assume the same way I did by going on to the net and placing a date to leave to come here and it gave them the flight Information. PS She states she got her tourist visa in only 2 weeks.... The veracity of the comment is left to the person's conscience and is a result of his personal experience in the Internet.

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