Mobile dating is one of the few digital products that, when you use it, is designed to lead to a meeting.” (James, 2015). Disclosure, Ambiguity and Risk Reduction in Real Time Dating Sites. Available: Unless the form is changed over time the concept is been known for centuries: the pillory of a person.And maybe that is why Tinder became so popular: It is free, easy to use (just link it to your Facebook and you’re online) and it creates a bridge between online and offline. Proceedings of the 17th ACM international conference on supporting group work. When a person did something wrong he or she was punished for that by “the public”.Internet and mobile dating industry executives, matchmakers, mobile application providers, affiliate marketers, funders, payment processors and startups were in attendance.

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By adding paid features they are able to create revenue. Managing impressions online: Self‐presentation processes in the online dating environment. During the Stone Age rocks were thrown, in the Middle Ages rotten food was thrown at people and now, during the “digital era” there is a new way to let people be punished by the public: Social media.

The question is, is it worth another $ 100.000.000 ? Shaming is a quite new phenomenon, but can have very big impact on both people and companies.

Like seen above, the impact can be way bigger what might be appropriate.

i Date2013, the "European Dating Conference" in Cologne was one of the most important events for the dating industry.

But, with a possible offline encounter in mind, they also tent to create a reliable presentation of theirselves.

Tinder was a first mover regarding location-based real-time dating (Handel & Shklovski, 2012).

Photos from the 35th Internet Dating Conference taking place on September 16 - 17, 2013 in Cologne.

i Date2013, the "European Dating Conference" in Koln was one of the most important events for the dating industry.

Employee in question currently unreachable on an intl flight.” In an interview she said: “I had a great career, and I loved my job, and it was taken away from me, and there was a lot of glory in that. Another example was last summer with the killing of lion Cecil.

Walter Palmer, the American dentist who paid 50.000 dollar to kill the lion was globally shamed for it. Peter Vasterman, media-sociologist social media are ideal to express indignation.

Just a little mistake, an inappropriate tweet or post can go viral in a very short time. Her tweet went viral and (off course) not in a positive way.