The main advantage of tinder is that it's widely used.It's good that apps like these exist, but they need to cater better to women.

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Only 1 match remains an active normal conversation.

Specs: M searching for F Ages for the review: 23 - 50 Countries: Worldwide (USA, Canada, Caribbean, South Amerca, Central America, UK, Europe, Africa, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia...

This would have been correct IF THEY HAD NOTIFIED ME FIRST WHAT DID I DO!!!

Luckily I could cancel my subscription and move to other dating site.

Regular boost' gave me around 20-30 likes in 30 minutes for a price of ~4,-.

The super boost' lasted for 3 hours, with Tinder claiming x100 more views, giving me 28 likes with the same profile as before.Had an issue twice where it wouldn't show any matches at all. 2 days later they replied with a basic thing to try which didn't work. Despite Tinder requiring phone verification or FB and often banning certain accounts; they have one of the highest rates of fake accounts of any dating app! Overall if you're really looking for a "relationship" or even just a serious real conversation that "may" lead to something, then this is definitely not the site / app to use!!Sent back an email to notifiy of this and I'm not able to use the service.... Eventually, I got it rectified via web search So if you're paying for their premium service and you're not able to get it to work, you're on your own! Add them on Whats App and see if they're willing for a video call. If you're just looking to meet or have ONS with random people then this is perfect but nothing more.The paying versions only help make you more prominent and increase your changes of being liked.But there is actually research to prove what most users already know - female users don't have a hard time getting liked, we have a hard time finding male profiles we like.tinder should pay more attention to them and delete their profiles..