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These lines pertain to the Social Security exemption of the employer, which as of 2010 is 6.2 percent of the social security tax paid to employees.

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If taxpayers do not wish for the e-file providers to sign the form, the taxpayers can opt to choose an e-file provider who allows them to sign the return with a PIN or provide a PIN to the provider to sign on his behalf.

Another option is to choose a provider who offers scanned signature filing. The taxpayer physically signs the form and scans it, and then the provider or the taxpayer attaches it to the electronic file.

There are four methods for electronically filing Form 941, according to

Three options require that an authorized e-file provider file the form.

Leave the box blank if this is not applicable to your business. On Line 5a, record the wages, benefits and sick pay that are subject to social security tax that you paid to employees during the quarter.

Line 5b should include any taxable tips paid to employees and Line 5c include wages, tips and benefits that are subject to Medicare tax.

#IRS is sending letters to taxpayers that potentially failed to report income and pay the resulting tax from virtual currency transactions.

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